A graduate of North Carolina A&T State University and designer with more than a decade of experience in graphic and visual design and creative direction, Matthew’s work is a testament to his desire to use creativity to change narratives that impact his community.

As an award-winning artist and creative, Matthew uses different mediums to shape and tell unique brand stories through an informed and nuanced lense. Matthew’s portfolio includes work focused on helping clients and brands understand their target demographic, and designing campaigns and experiences that impact the bottom line.

As a runner and co-founder of DC-based Run Crew, District Running Collective (DRC), Matthew’s leadership shines through both on the pavement and as a creative. Through his work with DRC, Matthew cultivates partnerships and sponsorships with leading brands, and creates spaces and experiences that have a global audience and reach and lasting impact 

As a community leader in his native Washington, DC and beyond, Matthew is earnest in his desire to give back to the city he calls home.